Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wordsmith - Prelude To The King

1.The Ghost of Wordsmith's Past
2.The Limit (Produced by Strada)
3.When the Dark Turns to Light Feat. Kontact, CuzOH! Black (Produced by Rafpak)
4.Choose Wisely Feat. CuzOH! Black (Produced by Mike Beats)
5.A Hero's Welcome (Produced by Rafpak)
6.Rhymesayer Revival (Produced by Strada - Cutz by DJ Ykcor)
7.Define Me Classic (Produced by Jon Kitto - Cutz by DJ Frankie Paige)
8.Track Zoom (Produced by Strada)
9.The Ghost of Wordsmith's Present
10.Eye for the Spotlight Feat. Steven Drakes (Produced by Certified)
11.Get What You Love (Produced by Rafpak)
12.Southern Symphony Feat. 4-Ize, Whitefolkz (Produced by Benny Rome)
13.The Ghost of Wordsmith's Future
14.Bonus - Mind Elevation Remix Feat. Billy Lyve, CuzOH! Black (Produced by DJ Klassik)
15.Bonus - Slanguistics Lesson 2 Redux Feat. Soulstice (Produced by Strada - Cutz by DJ Critical Hype)

Download: Wordsmith - Prelude To The King

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