Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gerald Walker - Believers Never Die

1. Milwaukee [Prod. By J.LBS]
2. Believers Never Die [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
3. Zero To Sixty... (Feat. Cardo) [Prod. By Cardo]
4. Bulletproof Soul [Prod. By Cardo]
5. 87 Corvette Wishes (Feat. XV, Phil Ade' Skeme) [Prod. By Cardo]
6. Um, Excuse Me! [Prod. By DJ. Mr Rogers]
7. Girl, Oh No He Didn't! [Prod. By Ric and Thaddeus]
8. Theme Music For My Real... (Feat. XV) [Prod. By Ric and Thaddeus]
9. Slot-A Add-2 Voicemail (Interlude)
10. After The Kendrick Lamar Show (Feat. Aliesa Nicole) [Prod. By Slot-A]
11. Some Things Never Wash Out (Feat. Scolla) [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
12. Scream [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
13. That Thing In Your Chest Doesn't Beat. It Counts Down (Prod. By Kanye West D Dot) - Saxophone
14. Get Yours While You Can (Prod. By Slot-A)
15. A Part of Me (Prod. By RMB Justize)
16. Clear (Feat. Bryant Stewart)
17. Bonus I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Do Nothing At All [Prod. By J.LBS]

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