Friday, March 9, 2012

Lil B - God's Father

1.The BasedGods Layer
2.I Own Swag
3.Fuck Ya Money
4.Febuarys Confessions
5.Buss Em 4 Points
7.Real Hip Hop 2012
8.Keep It 100
9.Fonk Aint Dead
10.Feds At My Doh
12.Flowers Rise
13.God Help Me
14.Breath Slow
15.I Aint Neva Won
16.Let It Drop
17.Gods Father
18.Be A Star
19.Deep Ass Thoughts
20.Go Dumb Tonight
21.Bitch Im Bussin
22.Glourious BasedGod
23.See Ya
25.The Deal
27.Secrete Obsession
28.Turned Me Cold
29.Sf Mission Music
30.Im Just Livin
31.Words Not Spoken
32.Wake Up Mr Flowers 3mix
33.Water Is Dmg
34.I Love You

Download: Lil B - God's Father

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